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Plugins provide basic and advanced backup capabilities. Because our Secure Cloud Backup is priced based only on the amount of storage needed, all of the plugins below are included for free. Once our backup software is installed, it automatically detects the software and settings of the server or pc, and makes all applicable plugins available.

File and Folder
File and Folder backups provide the ability to included or exclude specific folder, files, and file types. Only the changed parts of each file get backed up, saving significant time and drastically reducing cloud storage space.

System State
System State backups protect server operating system configuration data, such as Active Directory, SysVol folder, system registry, certificate services, the IIS Metabase, and more.

Physical Image
Image Backups enable server-level protection, and protect entire servers faster and more comprehensively than standard file and folder backups. These backups can be restored to the same or different hardware, recovered as a virtual machine, or even mounted to an existing server to restore individual files and folders.

VMWare & Hyper-V
Support for both VMWare and Hyper-V enable virtual machines (VM) to be backed up through the network, without having to install backup software on each VM. Our solution also enables VM backups to be restored from the local network within minutes, or from our secure backup cloud, to ensure backups are always available.

Exchange 2003 through 2013 is supported, with backup and recovery options that range from individual messages, to mailboxes, to the entire server.

SQL Server
SQL Server 2000 through 2014 is supported, with backup and recovery options that range from differential to full backups.

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