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World Class Security
All our data centers have passed the industry standard SSAE-16 Type II audit. We also utilize military grade encryption, ensuring all data is secured before it reaches our facilities, and as long as it's stored with us.

Compliance for HIPAA, PCI, and More
We provide comprehensive backup compliance options built in to our cloud backup solutions to meet government and industry standards, like HIPAA (for health care), PCI (for eCommerce), FINRA (for financial services), and more.

99.999% Availability
We guarantee that our services will be available and working properly 99.999% of the time. This means the service cannot be unavailable for more than 5.26 minutes per year, or we’ll credit your account.

Multiple, Redundant Data Centers
Data is stored in multiple data centers, all with the same strict security standards, and located thousands of miles apart. Once data is backed up with us, we guarantee that it will be available for restore.

Bare Metal Restore
In the event of a hard drive failure, data corruption, or a catastrophic failure of a primary server or PC, data recovery can be challenging. Our bare metal recovery option allows physical server backups to be recovered to the same/similar hardware, dissimilar hardware, or even a virtual machine.

Local Network Backup Included
In addition to secure cloud backup, our software also backs up data securely to your local network. This allows for faster recovery, while still meeting the crucial requirement of storing backup data offsite. Best of all, local network backups are included free.

Block Level Deduplication
Our backup software only backs up changed data at the block level. For example, a very large file with a small change really only needs the change to be backed up. This allows for much better speed, while still making all most recent files available for restore.

Data Integrity
Backup data is protected from corruption by verifying all backups as we receive them. We also continuously check stored information to ensure data is free of corruption and always ready to be restored properly.

Multiple Backup Solutions
Our software handles a wide variety of backup types, including file/folder, full image, virtual machine, application-specific, and more. Multiple types of backups can be run on the same machine. Backups can be set to run during a scheduled time, or continuously after a specified interval. Also, certain files, folders, or file types, can be specifically excluded or included from backups. This ensures that nothing is missed, and files that don't need to be backed up are skipped.

Flexible Archiving Options
We provide flexible and comprehensive backup archiving options, allowing backups to be kept based on a certain number of days or versions. Predefined templates for medical or accounting data can help meet complex compliance standards in just a few clicks. Also, archiving rules can easily be created manually, and can be based on file age, number of versions, date ranges, or even disk usage.

Self Service Portal
Once our backup software is installed, it can be managed from anywhere through an easy to use web portal. Everything from monitoring backup activity in real time, viewing reports, even editing or creating new backup jobs, can be done in the portal.

  Reporting and Notifications
In addition to being available in the self-service portal, reports can be sent via email to any number of recipients. Real time notifications, such as backup completions or errors, can be sent immediately. Also, different recipients can be emailed or notified for different activities.

No Hardware Appliance Required
Many other enterprise backup solutions require the purchase of a proprietary hardware appliance. eSkyCity's backup software can utilize your existing hardware with no problem. This eliminates the expensive of a costly appliance, as well as the problem of being forced to use (and later upgrade) another piece of hardware.

Easy, Affordable Pricing
Our simple pricing model is based only on the amount of secure cloud backup storage being used. Local backup storage doesn't count toward this total. This means there's no per server/pc license, and no additional fees for added functionality, like our backup plugins. We also have a tiered pricing model, which provides higher discounts for more storage.

Dedicated Account Manager
A dedicated person will be responsible for your account, and the success of your projects and services. You'll always have access to someone who is familiar with your account.
Setup Assistance
We walk new clients through the process of getting backups setup correctly. We go through compliance and industry standards, and even help with installations and testing.
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