World Class Security for Office 365
While Office 365 is an excellent and cost effective business communication solution, it does not include the enterprise grade security required to combat today's sophisticated security threats. eSkyCity bridges the security gap by providing industry leading protection against phishing, spam, and viruses.

Best Price for Office 365 + Security
eSkyCity provides the most competitive pricing for Office 365, as well as email security, email continuity, and desktop security. All of these services are combined together in a single monthly bill.

  Email Migration Options
eSkyCity can migrate all your email accounts and messages to Office 365. You can keep your existing email and email addresses, and the process is done with no interruption, so you won't miss a message.

Compliance Options
eSkyCity Email Encryption is a perfect addition to Office 365. It provides guaranteed end to end email encryption, Data Loss Prevention to protect against leaking sensitive information, and Secure Large File Transfer to share sensitive documents. Learn more.

Email Continuity
Microsoft only guarantees 99.9% uptime for Office 365. This allows for nearly 9 hours of downtime per year. Secure Office 365 from eSkyCity includes Email Continuity, which ensures that no messages are missed, even when Microsoft has an outage.

Support from eSkyCity
Secure Office 365 from eSkyCity comes with expert support and management. We help you with planning, email migration, and even setting up new PCs with Office, Email, and Security.
Mix and Match Plans
A single company can subscribe to multiple Office 365 plans. You can choose plans that include only email, only office apps, or everything, all with the appropriate security, ensuring you only pay for exactly what you need.
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