World Class Security
All our managed hosting solutions include world class security. We provide comprehensive solutions that include next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention, secured servers, malware protection, and more.

Compliance Options
We help our clients reach HIPAA and PCI compliance through a combination of integrated security and comprehensive compliance auditing, testing, and reporting.

World Class Hardware & Software
We utilize the latest security and network equipment from Cisco, Intel, and other leading manufacturers. New equipment is tested for at least two weeks before it's ever used by our clients.

Dedicated Infrastructure
In an eSkyCity Secure Private Cloud, we dedicate more than just cloud servers to a single business. The underlying physical infrastructure is also dedicated to only one company.

100% Network & Power Uptime
eSkyCity guarantees that our network and power infrastructure will be available and working properly 100% of the time. If we ever fail to meet these standards, your account will be credited.

Guaranteed Availability & Performance
Our Secure Private Cloud customers enjoy an average uptime of 99.999% across all their infrastructure. We can also provide guaranteed uptime for applications, up to 99.999%.

Infrastructure Monitoring
Server CPU, RAM, Disk, and Bandwidth usage are monitored at regular intervals. We can also monitor software and web applications to ensure they're running properly.

Performance Monitoring
Servers are monitored from within our network. We also monitor website and web applications from outside of our network, to ensure what we host is not only available, but also performing properly.

High Performance Enterprise Storage
Our enterprise cloud storage solution combines the fastest solid state drives (SSD) with high performance hard drives to provide the fastest, most cost-efficient solution in the market.

Updates & Patching
Servers are updated with security patches, as well as other software updates, as they become available. We also work with clients to test updates, and schedule changes to servers after business hours or on weekends.

Automatic Cloud Server Recovery
If our cloud begins to see poor performance or unresponsiveness from a physical server, all of the cloud servers on the problematic physical server will be automatically hot-migrated to different hardware within our cloud, usually within 15 seconds.

  Zero Downtime Maintenance
If scheduled maintenance or hardware replacements need to be done on any of our servers, we can move your cloud servers to other physical hardware with little or no downtime.

Secure Onsite & Offsite Backups
Automated backups can be scheduled with the click of a button, and will retain daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly copies of your cloud server. Continuous data protection is also available. Manual backups can also be performed at anytime from the cloud control panel.

Managed System & File Restores
Because backups are stored outside of the cloud, we can provide a recovery, even in the event of a catastrophic primary storage failure. One-click restores are available from any automated or manual backup.
Dedicated Account Manager
A dedicated person will be responsible for your account, and the success of your projects and services. You'll always have access to someone who is familiar with your account.

Free Migration Assistance
We help migrate existing server configurations, websites, applications, and data at no additional cost. We also work with clients to ensure a smooth transition, usually with no downtime.

Software Support
We provide comprehensive support for server software, including Apache, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and more.

Web App Support
We provide support and assistance with web technologies, including PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, and VB.NET.

Choice of OS
Choose from Operating Systems that include CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, or Windows Server 2008/2012.

CentOS Private Cloud Hosting Ubuntu Private Cloud Hosting Fedora Private Cloud Hosting Debian Private Cloud Hosting Windows 2008 Private Cloud Hosting Windows 2012 Private Cloud Hosting
CentOS Ubuntu Fedora Debian Win 2008 Win 2012
Choice of Control Panel
In addition to full root/administrative access to servers, we also provide either Plesk for Linux or Windows servers, or cPanel for Linux servers.

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