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Cloud Security
eSkyCity’s hardware virtualization architecture provides the foundation for a secure cloud service, by maintaining isolation of virtual machine and hypervisor operating systems. This approach is more reliable in a hosted cloud than, for example, container-based virtualization, where virtual machines and hosts share core OS components. In an eSkyCity cloud, an attack on the host OS has no direct effect on client virtual machines.

Network Perimeter Security: Hardware appliances provide network security and intrusion prevention.
Customer Isolation: Within our cloud, each customer is completely isolated.
Software Firewalls: All physical servers in our cloud are equipped with software firewalls.
Cloud Firewall: Our Clients can update firewall rules in the cloud any time.
Network Powered by Cisco
Cisco Powered Network
Automatic Failover
If our cloud begins to see poor performance or unresponsiveness from a physical server, all of the cloud servers on the problematic physical server will be automatically hot-migrated to different hardware within our cloud, usually within 15 seconds.

  Manual Hot Migration
If scheduled maintenance or hardware replacements need to be done on any of our servers, we can move your cloud servers to other physical hardware with little or no downtime.

Automated Backup
Automated backups can be scheduled with the click of a button, and will retain daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly copies of your cloud server. Continuous data protection is also available. Manual backups can also be performed at anytime from the cloud control panel.

Because backups are stored outside of the cloud, we can provide a recovery, even in the event of a catastrophic primary storage failure. One-click restores are available from any automated or manual backup.
High Performance Enterprise Storage
Our enterprise cloud storage solution combines the fastest solid state drives (SSD) with high performance hard drives to provide the fastest, most cost-efficient solution in the market.

100% Network & Power Uptime
eSkyCity guarantees that our network and power infrastructure will be available and working properly 100% of the time. If we ever fail to meet these standards, your account will be credited.
Load Balancing
Cloud Load Balancers allow traffic to be distributed to multiple cloud servers. This allows for very high and scalable performance for high traffic sites and applications. In the event that a single cloud server is unavailable or undergoing maintenance, traffic will be seamlessly distributed to other working cloud servers.

Auto-Scaling is an automated method of upgrading or downgrading cloud server resources. For example, you could easily create a rule for your cloud that automatically adds memory/CPU/disk space when a cloud server reaches 90% usage. You can also scale back down, once these resources are no longer needed.

Firewall Management
Each cloud server includes a self-service cloud firewall that allows full control of all firewall rules. TCP and UDP ports, series of ports, or port ranges can be opened or closed. ICMP can also be turned on or off.

Free Migration Assistance
Migrating applications, websites, and data can be a difficult task. When you switch to eSkyCity cloud servers, we'll help make the migration process as painless as possible by helping every step of the way.

Library of Cloud Server Templates
Templates include CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Windows Server 2008 R2 & 2012. We also provide template options with cPanel or Plesk pre-installed.

Centos Cloud Server Ubuntu Cloud Server Fedora Cloud Server Debian Cloud Server Windows 2008 Cloud Server Windows 2012 Cloud Server
CentOS Ubuntu Fedora Debian Win 2008 Win 2012

Custom Templates
A custom cloud server template can be made from any existing cloud server backup. This saves the time of setting up servers more than once by enabling the installation and setup of a single cloud server which can then be replicated to as many as you like.
Control Panel
eSkyCity provides an easy to use control panel, allowing a user to easily add new cloud servers and manage resources, auto-scaling, backups, firewalls, and more.
Root/Administrative Access
Cloud Servers can be accessed with root/administrative privileges directly through SSH (Linux) or Remote Desktop (Windows), or from within the eSkyCity Control Panel.

Management Options

Automated Monitoring OS Management Intense Management
Automated Server Monitoring & Alerts:

Port: Ping, Web, Email, FTP, SSH.
Application: Web Page Response, Login Test, SQL Transaction, Services
Server: CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth

From $19/mo
Complete OS Management:

Monitoring, Plus:
OS/Kernel: Recommended and Security Updates/Patches
Antivirus: Managed Updates and Scanning

From $49/mo
A Complete Management Solution:

Monitoring & OS Management, Plus:
Rapid Response to Issues
Proactive Monitoring of Server and Applications
Managed Backup on-site and off-site

From $199/mo
Free Consultation and Trial

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