WordPress Firewall
A WordPress-specific firewall monitors incoming traffic to prevent malicious activity, including website crawlers that steal content and scan WordPress to find a list of usernames. Traffic frequency is also monitored closely, ensuring that attackers attempting to overwhelm your site with illegitimate traffic are blocked immediately, and visitors attempting to abuse your site are throttled (slowed down).

Login Protection
We add a layer of protection to the WordPress login screen that automatically blocks visitors that fail to provide the correct login credentials too many times, or attempt to login with a username that doesn't exist. Preventative measures are also in place that force users to have strong passwords, and prevent the commonly used "admin" username.

Vulnerability and Malware Detection
WordPress websites, as well as files on the server outside of WordPress, are scanned regularly to ensure they haven't been infected with malware, backdoors, Trojans, suspicious code, or dangerous links. WordPress integrity is monitored by scanning and comparing WordPress, plugin, and theme files to the official WordPress repository. Our scans also detect website and server vulnerabilities, and monitor blacklists (lists of infected or malicious websites) to ensure your environment and reputation are protected.

Optimization and Maintenance
WordPress stores website content in a database, which is also used to store and track changes made to any web page or blog post, drafts, spam, and unapproved comments. We optimize WordPress databases by regularly removing unnecessary data, improving efficiency, and making WordPress faster. In addition to database optimization, we also use caching technologies that can boost performance up to 50X. For websites with heavy traffic, large files, or video, our global Content Delivery Network is a great addition.

Website Monitoring
WordPress website performance and uptime are monitored continuously. Our monitoring systems test website availability and responsiveness every 60 seconds. Should a problem arise, this enables us to detect it quickly, and act promptly to get the site back up. We can also use keyword verification testing to check for the absence or existence of a specific word or phrase.

  Managed Backup
With any website, it's crucial to have a reliable backup system. We make daily backups of all WordPress files and databases, and store them in a different location than your site. This guarantees that WordPress will always be recoverable, no matter what happens. We'll even help restore a website quickly should the need arise. More frequent backup options are also available.

WordPress Updates
New versions of WordPress are released regularly, with many of these updates including patches for critical security vulnerabilities within WordPress. It's absolutely crucial to apply these security patches quickly and correctly, before hackers have the opportunity to exploit security vulnerabilities found in your website. eSkyCity guarantees
that WordPress updates and patches will be installed and verified within 24 hours.

Plugin Updates
Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress. Most sites use several plugins to do anything from adding a simple contact form, to building an entire ecommerce store. As vulnerabilities are found in these plugins, patches are usually released quickly. eSkyCity promptly tests and verifies plugin updates to keep websites secure. If a vulnerability is found and no patch is available, we'll quickly remove and help replace the affected plugin.

Broken Link Detection
Broken links can create problems and confusion
for website visitors, and make your site look less professional. We automatically scan WordPress for broken links, then report and help fix the problems.
Free Website Repair
WordPress files and databases can be deleted, overwritten, or destroyed by accident, account theft, or a malicious attack. If this happens, eSkyCity will repair and restore your website at no additional cost.
Add Security and Management for $10/month or $100/year

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