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Standard Plans
Perfect for most WordPress sites


Storage: 10GB SSD
Bandwidth: 50GB + CDN
Monthly Visits: Unlimited


Storage: 20GB SSD
Bandwidth: 100GB + CDN
Monthly Visits: Unlimited


Storage: 30GB SSD
Bandwidth: 200GB + CDN
Monthly Visits: Unlimited

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Dedicated Instances
Better for larger sites that need more resources or greater isolation.

Dedicated 4

Storage: 40GB SSD
Bandwidth: 400GB + CDN
Dedicated RAM: 4GB
Dedicated vCPUs: 2
Monthly Visits: Unlimited

Dedicated 8

Storage: 80GB SSD
Bandwidth: 600GB + CDN
Dedicated RAM: 8GB
Dedicated vCPUs: 4
Monthly Visits: Unlimited

Dedicated 16

Storage: 150GB SSD
Bandwidth: 800GB + CDN
Dedicated RAM: 16GB
Dedicated vCPUs: 6
Monthly Visits: Unlimited

Dedicated 32

Storage: 200GB SSD
Bandwidth: 1200GB + CDN
Dedicated RAM: 32GB
Dedicated vCPUs: 8
Monthly Visits: Unlimited


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