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Expert WordPress Management
Expert WordPress Support
We know WordPress. eSkyCity provides fast and friendly WordPress support, and fixes even the most complex problems promptly, to ensure sites always run smoothly.

Free Migrations
We've migrated countless WordPress websites error-free, and with no downtime. When moving from another provider to eSkyCity, we handle the entire migration for free.

Monitored Every 60 Seconds
WordPress website performance and uptime are monitored continuously. Our monitoring systems test website availability and responsiveness every 60 seconds. Should a problem arise, we detect it quickly, and act promptly to ensure maximum uptime.

  Managed Backup
We make daily backups of all WordPress files and databases, and store them in a different location than your site. This guarantees that WordPress will always be recoverable, no matter what happens. We'll even help restore a website quickly should the need arise.

Optimization and Maintenance
Our experts optimize each WordPress install to ensure it runs smoothly. We continuously cleanup and optimize WordPress and databases, and utilize our caching technologies to boost performance up to 10X.

Bulletproof WordPress Security
WordPress Firewall
A WordPress-specific firewall monitors incoming traffic to prevent any malicious activity. Traffic frequency is also monitored closely, ensuring that attackers attempting to overwhelm your site with illegitimate traffic are blocked immediately, and visitors attempting to abuse your site are throttled (slowed down).

Login Protection
We add a layer of protection to the WordPress login screen that automatically blocks visitors that fail to provide the correct login credentials too many times, or attempt to login with a username that doesn't exist. Preventative measures are also in place that force users to have strong passwords.

Vulnerability and Malware Detection
WordPress sites are monitored and scanned continously to prevent malware, suspicious script, dangerous links, and more. WordPress integrity is monitored by scanning and comparing WordPress, plugin, and theme files to the official WordPress repository.

Free Website Repair
WordPress files and databases can be deleted, overwritten, or destroyed by accident, account theft, or a malicious attack. If this happens, eSkyCity will repair and restore your website at no additional cost.
WordPress Updates
New versions of WordPress are released regularly, with many of these updates including patches for critical security vulnerabilities within WordPress. eSkyCity updates and patches WordPress within 24 hours.

Plugin Updates
Most sites use several plugins to do anything from adding a simple contact form, to building an entire ecommerce store. eSkyCity continuously tests, updates, and verifies plugin updates to keep websites bug-free and secure.

SSL Options
We provide several premium SSL certificate options, all of which are installed and managed by eSkyCity. Basic sites can also opt for free SSL certificates.

PCI and HIPAA Compliance
From ecommerce shops that require PCI compliance to health care organizations that require HIPAA compliance, we have you covered.

High Performance WordPress Hosting
High Performance
Our WordPress platform combines innovative proprietary software with high performance, enterprise class cloud infrastructure. Our platform is specifically designed to ensure WordPress performs at its peak.

Superior Reliability
We hate downtime. Our customers enjoy more than 99.99% uptime on average. Because we closely monitor every aspect of our platform, including each individual WordPress site every minute, we're able to find and fix issues very quickly.

Global CDN and DNS
eSkyCity's CDN makes WordPress sites as much as 10x faster, and our DNS hosting ensures excellent DNS performance. Both services have a 100% uptime guarantee, and are included free for our Managed WordPress Hosting customers.

DDoS Protection
We provide comprehensive DDoS protection options at the DNS, network, and website level. We offer free basic DDoS protection for every customer, ensuring WordPress sites remain online, even during an attack.

Global Hosting Options
Our Managed WordPress Hosting platform is available globally. Rather than hosting everything in one location, or even one country, sites on our platform can be strategically located closest to customers or users.

Industry Standard Software, Optimized
Our platform includes familiar, industry standard technologies, tweaked for the highest possible level of security and performance. Common technologies include PHP 7, MariaDB, and NGINX.