Managed Private Cloud Hosting Secure Hybrid Cloud
eSkyCity's Secure Hybrid Cloud solution combines Secure Private Cloud with Secure Dedicated Servers. This is an excellent option for businesses that need the ultimate in security and flexibility. With our Secure Hybrid Cloud, on-demand cloud servers run seamlessly alongside custom-built high performance dedicated servers, all in a secure single-tenant environment.

Managed Cloud Hosting Secure Business Continuity (BC) & Disaster Recovery (DR)
Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions provide near real-time replication and recovery. We securely replicate servers and data from any location to eSkyCity, or from one eSkyCity data center to another, depending on your needs.
Within a few minutes, your entire infrastructure can be running live in an eSkyCity
Secure Private Cloud.

Technical Consulting Technical Consulting
If you aren't sure what's needed, give us a call. We provide detailed consultations, and have the expertise necessary to meet even the most complex requirements. Take advantage of our technical experts, and let us demonstrate the value we can add to
your business with a free consultation.

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