Moving critical servers, applications, data, and email systems can be a challenging task. Without the ability to properly execute a migration, many companies never upgrade, getting stuck with outdated technology, opening the door to security threats, and failing to meet crucial compliance standards.

When moving to eSkyCity, we migrate everything for free.
Migrating to eSkyCity can have a dramatic impact on your business by strengthening security, and saving your organization time and money. Companies choose eSkyCity because of our high security standards, comprehensive compliance options, helpful
support, and world class infrastructure.

Migrations Don't Have to be Painful
The migration process is usually very simple for our clients. As part of our commitment to provide truly comprehensive solutions to the companies we serve, we take care of the entire migration process for you.

We Have the Expertise to Get the Job Done
Because of our extensive experience with a wide array of technologies, we guarantee fast and error free migrations of servers, data, and applications. This is all done with little or no downtime, and is free when making the switch to eSkyCity from another provider.
Make the Move to eSkyCity. We do the Migration for Free.

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