World Class Security
All our dedicated servers include hardware firewall protection, intrusion & malware prevention, and secure VPN access. Additional security options, such as web application firewalls, DDoS protection, and more advanced features can easily be added.

Compliance Options
We help our clients reach HIPAA and PCI compliance through a combination of comprehensive managed security solutions, and compliance auditing, testing, and reporting.

100% Network & Power Uptime
eSkyCity guarantees that our network and power infrastructure will be available and working properly 100% of the time. If we ever fail to meet these standards, your account will be credited.

Redundant Power
All of our servers either come with two separate power supplies by default, or give you the option to upgrade to redundant power. This ensures there's no downtime if one power supply fails.

World Class Hardware
We utilize the latest security and network equipment from Cisco, Intel, and other leading manufacturers. New equipment is tested for at least two weeks before it's ever used by our clients.

Upgrade to SSD
Using Solid State Drives (SSD) provides a drastic performance improvement over traditional hard drives. This is especially effective for applications that must process large amounts of data quickly.

High Performance SAN Connectivity
For dedicated servers that need higher capacity or more flexible storage, we provide connectivity to a fully redundant, high performance SAN. SAN pricing can be billed based on monthly usage.

12Gb/s SAS
All our dedicated servers provide the optional upgrade to 12Gb/s SAS controllers. These controllers help eliminate server bottlenecks by doubling traditional SAS performance.

Free Migration Assistance
We help migrate existing server configurations, websites, applications, and data at no additional cost. We also work with clients to ensure a smooth transition, usually with no downtime.

Root/Administrative Access
Cloud Servers can be accessed with root/administrative privileges directly through SSH (Linux) or Remote Desktop (Windows), or from within the eSkyCity Control Panel.

Choice of OS
Choose from Operating Systems that include CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, or Windows Server 2008/2012.

CentOS Ubuntu Fedora Debian Win 2008 Win 2012
Choice of Control Panel
In addition to full root/administrative access to servers, we also provide either Plesk for Linux or Windows servers, or cPanel for Linux servers.


Management Options
We provide a range of management options from Basic Automated Monitoring, to Complete Intensive Management that includes server software, and even custom applications. Learn More

Free Hardware Replacements
If any server or part fails, we will replace it for free. Hard drives, SSD, and power supplies can also be replaced with no downtime. If an entire server fails, we will migrate you to a new server.
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