World Class Security
We encrypt all data from your computer, smartphone, tablet, and Outlook Webmail to our Exchange Servers with the same technology the world's largest banks rely on for communications. We also encrypt data from our Exchange servers to other servers that also allow encrypted communication. For complete, guaranteed email encryption, check out our easy to use Email Encryption solution.

  Say Goodbye to Spam and Viruses
We block virtually 100% of viruses, spam, and fraudulent email. We go beyond just placing the messages you don't want in a "junk" or "bulk" folder. Dangerous viruses and annoying spam email are held in a separate system, so they never reach your computer or device. This keeps your computer safe, and your mailbox efficient. You'll also receive a report each day showing what we've blocked.

Guaranteed Reliability
We guarantee that our service will be available and working properly 99.999% of the time. This means the service cannot be unavailable for more than 5.26 minutes per year, or we’ll credit your account.

Unlimited Storage
No more worrying about mailbox size limitations. You can store an unlimited number of email messages, attachments, calendar events, contacts, and notes.

Free Outlook Software
We provide a free, licensed download of Outlook for Windows or Mac for every mailbox.

Deleted Item Retention
Email messages you delete can be restored to your mailbox from up to 30 days after deletion.

Free, Painless Email Migrations
We can migrate all your email accounts and messages for you. You keep your existing email and email addresses, and the process is done with no interruption, so you won't miss a message.

Free Legal Disclaimers
A Legal Disclaimer is the text automatically added to the bottom of all outbound and/or inbound email for all mailboxes.

1GB Public Folder Storage Included
The Exchange Public Folder is where Calendars, Contacts, and Notes can be shared company-wide, or to select groups, made up of any combination of people. We include 1GB of storage for Public Folders for free.

Free Email Aliases
An email alias is an email address that forwards all messages to one or more existing Exchange mailboxes. We also provide a way to route any message to any Exchange mailbox, based on flexible rules.

Comprehensive Control Panel
We provide a control panel for administrators to manage Users and Settings. Every Exchange user can manage their own account settings, view spam/viruses, and release/request email to be whitelisted.

Free 30 Day Trial. No Credit Card Required
Our risk free 30 day trial includes support, training, and we'll even migrate your email accounts and messages for you. Give us a call at 1-877-455-6157 today!

Free 30 Day Trial. No Credit Card Required.

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