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Recurring Revenue
Partners can earn recurring commission for the life of each account. Resellers own their customer relationships and control their customer's pricing.

Partner Discounts
Both Resellers and Consultants are eligible to purchase services from eSkyCity at discounted rates for use in their own business.

No Upfront Fees
eSkyCity partners are not required to make an upfront investment. There's also no requirement to meet sales or financial minimums.

Partnership Options
eSkyCity provides two different partnership options. Consultants refer leads and Resellers provide eSkyCity solutions while owning the customer relationship.

Free Trials
Most eSkyCity solutions come with a free 30 day trial with no obligation and no credit card required. Our partners can also offer the same free trials.

Free Migrations
When moving to eSkyCity from another provider, migrations are free. We also provide paid migration options when moving to 3rd party platforms.

eSkyCity Support
For Consultant Partners, eSkyCity handles all the customer support. While Resellers are responsible for the first level of support, eSkyCity is always available for support escalation.
Partner Training
Our partners participate in regular calls or meetings. We provide comprehensive technical training to our Reseller Partners. Consultants are provided
with frequent updates to business and sales information.