End-to-End Protection of Sensitive Information in Email

Email is a very insecure way of communicating. The information contained in an email is not encrypted or secured in any way, giving prying eyes access to sensitive information like passwords, social security numbers, credit card information, and intellectual property.

Without realizing it, thousands of corporate employees expose this information through the Internet every day. It only takes a single event to compromise your personal or corporate privacy.

Our Email Encryption solution provides a flexible way to add
enterprise class security to any email service, whether you host
your email with eSkyCity or with another provider.

End to End, Guaranteed Email Encryption
With a single click, your email message is encrypted before it ever leaves your mailbox. Only an authorized recipient will be able to view your message after they provide a password.

Many email encryption solutions only protect your sensitive information while your message is being sent, and not after it arrives in the recipient's mailbox. Our email security solution is different. We ensure that your message is not able to be viewed by anyone other than the recipient, even if someone else gains access to the recipient's mailbox. Your information will remain confidential, and your company can reach the most strict email compliance standards.

Our Email Encryption solution can be used through an included Outlook plugin, any Internet Browser, or with an app we provide for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.
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