Data Loss Prevention is a feature of eSkyCity's Email Encryption solution that prevents email containing sensitive information from being sent without encryption. This feature works automatically and is a crucial element to help maintain consistent security and compliance standards.

Automatic and Easy
The free Outlook plugin included with our Email Encryption service provides an easy way for users to decide which email should be encrypted.

The built in Data Loss Prevention functionality adds an additional layer of protection by detecting sensitive information in non-encrypted email before they're sent, and automatically prompting the sender to send the message encrypted.

Flexible Options and Customizations
Our Data Loss Prevention solution automatically protects against sending non-encrypted messages that include common patterns, like credit card and social security numbers. In addition to common patterns, our clients have the ability to specify a list of keywords (like password, Visa, etc), or patterns in the form of regular expressions (the industry standard for finding patterns in text).

Powerful Control
Companies that use our Email Encryption solution have the ability to define their own Data Loss Prevention policy. Users can either be forced to send all messages encrypted, forced to send all attachments encrypted (optionally excluding images), forced to send all messages encrypted when sensitive text is detected, allowed to bypass sensitive text detection warnings, etc. If you have specific requirements, contact us today for a free consultation!
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