Secure Large File Transfer is a feature of eSkyCity's Email Encryption solution that allows users to send very large file attachments through email, as well as encrypt file attachments containing sensitive data. Large files can be kept indefinitely, or purged instantly, and storage is unlimited. This feature works seamlessly as part of our Email Encryption Outlook plugin, or can be used directly from our Secure Messaging web portal.

Overcome Mailbox and Email Attachment Size Limitations
Email systems have a limitation on file attachment sizes. In most cases attachments are limited to no more than 50MB per message. Our Secure Large File Transfer solution enables users to easily send attachments 100 times that size, regardless of any existing limitations. The email recipient will also be able to receive the large attachment, no matter what attachment or mailbox size limitations they may have.

Encrypt Attachments Containing Sensitive Data
eSkyCity's Email Encryption solution provides a simple way to securely send anyone any type of document, including Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Zip Files, Images, Video, and more. No matter the type of file, we ensure that only the intended recipient is able to view the attachments, and no one else, guaranteed.

Easy to Use
The process couldn't be easier. When sending an encrypted message, just click the "Attach a File" button included in our Outlook plugin, then select one or more files to attach to the encrypted message. Once the files are attached, the message can be sent immediately, and the file(s) will upload seamlessly in the background.
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