World Class Security
Messages sent through our Email Encryption service are protected by the same bulletproof security used by the largest hospitals, banks, financial firms, and more.

Compliance for HIPAA, PCI, and More
In addition to high security, we provide comprehensive ways for our clients to reach compliance standards for their industry, including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GLBA, and more.

99.999% Uptime Guarantee
We guarantee that our email encryption service will be available and working properly 99.999% of the time. This means that the service cannot be unavailable for more than 5.26 minutes per year, or we'll credit your account.

Works with Any Email System
No matter what email system is being used by the sender or recipient, messages are guaranteed to be protected. Although it does not have to be used with eSkyCity Secure Hosted Exchange, the two services work together perfectly.

Data Loss Prevention
Automatically stop employees from sending sensitive information, like credit card or social security numbers, through unencrypted email. Powerful custom rules can also be set in place to meet specific requirements.

Message Recall
Sent messages and attachments can be completely retracted at any time. This instantly removes the secure message from the recipients inbox, even if it's already been received and read.

Real Time Message Tracking
Once a secure message is sent through our email encryption system, messages can be tracked in real time to see when they're received, and who reads, replies, or forwards the messages.

Advanced Control
Comprehensive controls allows the sender of secure messages to dictate whether recipients can reply or forward the message. An additional password can optionally be added as another layer of security.

Secure Messaging Portal
We provide a full featured Secure Messaging Web Portal for everyone. This allows subscribers of our email encryption service to send secure messages on any device with a browser. It also allows recipients the ability to securely receive an encrypted message. It's as simple as using webmail and messages can be kept forever, or deleted at any time.

Mobile Applications
The ability to send and receive secure messages on the go is crucial. We provide an easy to use Secure Messaging App for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Best of all, the mobile app is available to any recipient for free, as well as every user with a paid account. This also allows ever user to search and read past sent and received secure messages.

Secure Large File Attachments
Very large files can be sent as email attachments through our secure messaging system. This works even if there are mailbox or attachment size limitations on the sender or recipient, and storage is unlimited.

Attachment Encryption
Any file containing sensitive information can be sent securely as an encrypted email attachment. Every type of file and format is supported, including Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Zip Files, Images, Video, and more.

Seamless Outlook Plugin
The included Outlook plugin allows secure messages to be sent with a single click. Messages can then be tracked in real time in Outlook. Senders and recipients with paid accounts can also view encrypted messages directly in outlook.
Choose which Employees are Secure
Since our Email Encryption solution is not tied to a specific email service, all or only some employees can be provided with accounts. We only charge for users that can create new encrypted messages. Recipients are free.
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