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Email Threat Protection from eSkyCity provides affordable, industry-leading protection against the most advanced email threats, delivered as a cloud-based service. We help organizations reach the highest standards of security, availability, and internal or regulatory compliance in their email systems.

Cloud-Based Protection Against Advanced Email Threats
We protect organizations, people, networks, and reputations through secure email communication. By analyzing email content, and also scanning and sandboxing links and attachments with advanced enterprise-class technology, organizations are protected against inbound and outbound spam, malware, phishing, and inappropriate or offensive messages.

Built in Email Encryption, Continuity, and Archiving
The highest standards of security, availability, and compliance can be achieved affordably, regardless of the underlying email system. Messages containing sensitive information are automatically encrypted to ensure they're only seen by the intended recipient. In the event of an outage, Email Continuity automatically activates emergency inbox access, guaranteeing 100% availability of your email. Email can also be archived securely offsite, meeting compliance standards, and reducing email storage requirements.

Social Media Protection
We take a step beyond email security by protecting social media accounts from hacks, spam, malware, confidential data, inappropriate content, and other unauthorized changes. Suspicious activity is reported immediately, and posts can be removed automatically.
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