Spam and Malware Protection
Protect any email system from spam, viruses,
and phishing attacks before they reach the inbox. Outbound messages are also filtered, ensuring that threats don't spread, even if mailbox access is compromised.

Compliance for HIPAA, PCI, and More
We help our clients reach internal and regulatory compliance and regulations, including security solutions for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FINRA, and more, regardless of the underlying messaging system.

Content Filtering
Email is intelligently analyzed, automatically blocking the transmission of confidential, inappropriate, or malicious messages. This prevents systems from being infected, and reputations from being damaged.

URL Defense
Spear-phishing attacks, zero-day exploits, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are prevented on all devices through industry-leading, real-time analysis and sandboxing of email links.

Attachment Defense
Malicious email attachments are increasingly common and dangerous. Attachment Defense utilizes advanced analysis, malware detection, and sandboxing technology that ensures dangerous attachments are accurately identified and blocked immediately.

Social Media Protection
Business social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube, can be monitored continuously for account hacks, unusual posts, and other unauthorized changes to ensure corporate compliance. Unauthorized content can also be automatically removed.

Email Encryption
Sensitive messages and attachments can be encrypted automatically or manually to ensure data is protected, regardless of the email system or recipient. Alternatively, eSkyCity Email Encryption provides a comprehensive standalone encryption solution.

Data Loss Prevention
In addition to Content Filtering, email is also scanned for sensitive information that is allowed to be sent outside the company, but only in an encrypted message. Policy-based encryption automatically encrypts these messages to prevent data loss.

Email Continuity
In the event of an email system outage, Email Continuity instantly activates emergency inboxes to allow messages to continue to be sent and received normally. Users will maintain access to email systems throughout the outage, and senders won't get bouncebacks.

Email Archiving
Archiving helps achieve regulatory compliance, while also reducing primary email storage needs. Unlimited storage enables all messages to be automatically sent to a secure, tamper-proof offsite archive, and retrieved instantly upon request.

Detailed Reporting
Gain visibility into user activity, email threats, message flow, attachments, URLs, and more through comprehensive reports available on demand.
Support from eSkyCity
Email Threat Protection from eSkyCity includes expert support and management. From the initial setup and migration to ongoing support, we're here to help.
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