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The Leader in Endpoint Security
Endpoint Protection is a comprehensive security solution, actively managed by eSkyCity, that includes industry-leading protection for PCs, Macs, servers, and mobile devices.

Protection from Ransomware and Advanced Threats
Ransomware threats are on the rise, up 35% since 2015. Cybercriminals use ransomware to encrypt files and hold company data hostage, demanding payment in exchange for regaining access to crucial business documents.
eSkyCity's Endpoint Protection solutions automatically detect and block ransomware encryption attempts.

Industry Leading Security on Every Platform
Our Endpoint Protection solutions are powered by the most advanced, industry-leading security technologies. We support all major platforms, including Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS devices, and Windows and Linux servers.

Affordable Security for Every Business
Rather than purchasing expensive security appliances and yearly software packages, eSkyCity provides the best security technologies in the market as a service, for a low monthly fee. This allows our clients to adjust resources
as necessary, and only pay for exactly what they need from month to month.

Support and Management from eSkyCity Included
When you get Endpoint Protection from eSkyCity, you not only get the best and most cost efficient security, you also get expert support and management from eSkyCity. From the initial consultation and implementation, to ongoing monitoring and assistance, we're here when you need us.
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