Bot Protection
Bots allow infected computers to be taken over
by an attacker, and are responsible for more than 95% of all website attacks. We automatically identify and block malicious bots. Suspected bots are put through automatic security tests before being allowed to access your site.

  Backdoor Protection
Hackers trying to install or operate a backdoor to gain unauthorized access to your website will be blocked immediately. We can also detect and quarantine existing backdoors that were present before our Web Application Protection solution was in place.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection
Companies fall victim to APTs through phishing, social engineering, and direct website attacks. Hackers use these sophisticated attacks to gain unauthorized access and quietly steal information. We automatically detect and block APTs through a combination of several industry leading security technologies and proactive monitoring.

  Login Protection
We provide two-factor authentication to enhance login page security. By including an additional identity verification step through email or text message, Login Protection prevents unauthorized access. It can be added to any website within a few minutes, and requires no coding or complex setup.

Load Balancing and Failover
Cloud-based load balancing to distributes website traffic to multiple servers for increased capacity
and reliability. Load Balancing can be set up to distribute traffic between local servers, failover to a secondary data center, or as Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) to distribute traffic between multiple data centers.
  Access Control
While malicious traffic, attacks, and embargoed countries are blocked automatically, custom security policies can also be enabled in real time to block specific IP addresses, URLs, or entire countries from accessing your website. Exceptions can also be made to whitelist (always allow) traffic from certain trusted sources.
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