Website DDoS Protection
Websites and web applications without DDoS protection are susceptible to floods of malicious traffic that can take sites offline. Our DDoS Protection solution mitigates the largest, most aggressive attacks against websites. All traffic is routed through a globally distributed network, where layers of protection, including Web Application Firewalls, are used to determine if traffic is legitimate or malicious, and protect against vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations that could otherwise allow for DDoS attacks to be successful.

  Network DDoS Protection
Even with DDoS protection for websites and web applications in place, volumetric attacks can still overwhelm networks, and bypass traditional DDoS defenses. Because our DDoS protected websites are supported by a global network of data centers with 1.25Tbps of aggregate capacity, the largest DDoS attacks can be mitigated. Since this is a cloud-based service, implementation is easy, and we can cover anything from a single IP address or website to all network services on entire subnets.

DNS DDoS Protection
DNS servers are absolutely crucial since they translate domain names to server IP addresses. Our DDoS Protection solution acts as a filter in front of DNS servers, protecting them from attacks. A combination of IP reputation and heuristics (behavioral analysis) are used to determine the legitimacy of DNS traffic. DNS DDoS Protection is powered by a network of globally distributed and protected DNS servers that also increase DNS performance.

  Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Even with a massive increase in website traffic, a globally distributed CDN speeds up websites by as much as 50%, while saving at least 40% on average bandwidth costs. Traffic is served from 26 locations globally, putting content closer to website visitors, while reducing bandwidth and stress on servers. Website content is automatically optimized by reducing file sizes, compressing content, and intelligently caching content.

Real Time Monitoring
Traffic and DDoS attacks can be monitored in real time through a web-based dashboard. This provides helpful insights into attacks as they're happening, and empowers users to adjust security policies as needed.
  99.999% Uptime Guarantee
We guarantee that our Web Application Protection services will be available and working properly 99.999% of the time. If we ever fail to reach this standard,
we'll credit your account.
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