70% of Sites are Vulnerable. Don't be a Statistic.

70% of websites are vulnerable to security exploits that could allow sensitive data to be stolen. In a world where major corporations make headlines for being victims of sophisticated cyber security attacks, no one is safe.

Simple Security Tools are not Enough
Web security is more complex today than ever. Simple security tools, like Network Firewalls and SSL Certificates, are simply not enough. Even more robust technologies, like Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Web Application Firewalls, still don't guarantee protection.

We Have the Solution
eSkyCity provides world class solutions to combat web security threats. This gives companies of all sizes peace of mind that the proper security is in place, and provides an excellent way to test networks, web applications, security appliances, and more.

Comprehensive Network and Web Security Testing
eSkyCity's Website Security Testing is a comprehensive solution that detects security vulnerabilities in websites and web applications. We provide the most in-depth and accurate web security assessments available, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Detailed Solutions for Web Vulnerabilities
We go far beyond finding security exploits by providing comprehensive and detailed solutions to fix the problems we find. Depending on the nature of the exploits we find, we provide everything from helpful articles that explain resolutions in detail, to the exact line of code and associated fix. The level of detail we provide is made possible only by the years of security expertise and cutting edge security technology.

Comprehensive Reporting
We provide comprehensive reporting to meet compliance and legal standards. Compliance Reporting capabilities include HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, SOX, and more. We also provide Developer Reporting that includes details of security exploits in web application source code.
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