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Traditional security scanning only happens from outside web applications, meaning the actual application code is not analyzed. We provide the option to run analysis and vulnerability scans on web application source code easily and safely.

Better Accuracy. Fewer False Positives.
Our code analysis technology allows for more in-depth security scans, better accuracy, and fewer false positives than traditional vulnerability scanning alone. With insight into how an application will behave while being attacked, we can provide the most comprehensive security analysis possible. This method also detects many more hidden problems that could only be
found with code analysis, such as SQL Injection vulnerabilities.

Specific. Down to the Exact Line of Code.
This technology gives us the ability to report the exact line of code causing a vulnerability. No more guessing. Just exact answers.

No Source Code Required
It's not necessary to provide us with application source code. A small software application can be installed on the server to do all the work, then removed once the scan is over. This even works for technologies like .NET, which compile web application source code.
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