eSkyCity provides a comprehensive solution to detecting web application vulnerabilities. We use a combination of several best-of-breed tools, proprietary technology, and manual reviews by experts, to find vulnerabilities.

OWASP Top 10
The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is the industry standard for determining the most critical web application security threats. The OWASP Top 10 is a list of the most critical web application security risks. It's a crucial part of our web application security strategy.

Password Protected Websites and Web Forms
In addition to publicly accessible sites, We can also scan and test protected websites that require authentication (username and password). There are no complex procedures, and no software to install. We just require valid credentials.

Forms used for login, sign up, contact, and more, are prone to serious vulnerabilities. We run hundreds of tests on these forms to find security flaws.

WordPress Vulnerability Scanning
WordPress is now the Website Content Management System of choice for over 60 million websites. Because of it's popularity, hackers take advantage of known exploits in unprotected or incorrectly configured WordPress sites.

We provide comprehensive vulnerability testing and detection for WordPress. Our scans detect hidden malware, outdated versions of WordPress, vulnerabilities in plugins and themes, weak passwords, misconfigurations, and more.

Modern Web Technologies
As websites and web applications adopt new technologies, web security becomes more complex, and the number of possible threats and exploits increases. We detect vulnerabilities in modern web technologies, such as AJAX, SOAP, XML, JSON, and more.

Network Vulnerability Scanning
A simple firewall is no longer enough to protect networks and sensitive data. With cyber attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, even advanced web application firewalls are no longer enough. We provide comprehensive detection for network vulnerabilities by discovering problems with SSL certificates, web servers, DNS, FTP, Email, SSH, SQL, and more.
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