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Case Studies: Once Upon a Stocking

Once Upon a Stocking had a need for an eCommerce website so their customers could buy their premium quality, hand made gifts online. We worked with Graphic Impact to make this dream a reality.

They required a rich user interface, easy but robust checkout process, and a simple way to manage their orders. Our completely custom eCommerce softwre was a nice fit. In addition to using our eCommerce software, OUAS also has a fully managed dedicated server at eSkyCity.

These two services have proven reliable, and cost-efficient. We maintain an continuing relationship with OUAS, and regularly provide new custom features and tools that they request.

"It has been great working with eSkyCity. Knowing that they are constantly monitoring our site helps me to sleep better at night and they have been diligent in responding in a timely manner to our many needs."
-- John Sparacino, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Once Upon a Stocking

Features Include

Completely Custom Content Management System allows for complex web pages to be created with ease. Completely Custom Product Views put the client in control. Our system can display your products in any way you like.
Completely Custom Product Detail View gives additional information about product, such as multiple high resolution images, and customizations. Completely Custom Options or "Customization Options" are unlimited in our software, and can be configured any way you like. You can also show a sample image, and allow your customers to check their spelling on certain input fields.

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Who is Once Upon a Stocking?

Put That In Your Stocking: An Amazing Promotion For Your Cause

An incredible promotional item reaches far beyond the existing norm to bring issue awareness for the long-term
by Bruce Boyers

For charitable causes, endless effort is expended to create items that promote the purpose and message of each charity. Bracelets, ribbons, plaques, and often clothing items such as shirts or jackets are usually produced and given as thank-you gifts for donations, or purchased by donators with part of the funds going to the cause. But how about an item that becomes part of the wondrous tapestry of a holiday, that will continue to raise awareness and promote a cause for years to come?

Such a product has been chosen by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the world's largest and most progressive grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, to be a major part of their continuous mission to promote breast cancer awareness. This holiday season, hundreds of the elegant signature pink silk stockings will be hung by the fireplace with care. Matched and decorated with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure trademark pink ribbon, the stocking beautifully communicates the organization’s cause. Normally given as gifts from cancer survivors to their co-survivors, they can be personalized with the giver’s and receiver’s name and up to a 100-word dedication. Ten percent of the purchase price goes directly to the foundation.

The purveyors of this truly unique item are a company called Once Upon A Stocking. The Susan G. Komen for the cure Co-Survivor pink and white stocking is but one of many they are now producing for upwards of 50 charitable organizations for their Profit with a Purpose program. Because the stockings are individually designed, they can be tailored exclusively to dovetail into an organization’s existing presentation, with colors, logos and other tie-in elements.

To support an autism charity, for example, the company has produced a stocking which exactly mirrors the symbol used for the disability—puzzle pieces. The boot of the stocking is made to appear as if composed of puzzle pieces, while the cuff is crafted in complimenting colors. Another line, which supports the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s Aphasia Center, follows an analogy that aphasia sufferers are like caged animals due to the fact they cannot express their thoughts, are made to exactly resemble faux animal skins such as zebra, leopard and tiger. And yet another stocking produced for the Humane Society resemble bones of the type loved by the family dog, and can even be customized with a photograph of the pet.

The magnificent presentation doesn’t end at the stocking itself; the gold box in which it is contained adds that extra touch of beauty and originality. The boxes can be wrapped in ribbons which, like the stockings themselves, are customized with names or organizational logos.

The brainchild of owner, designer and founder Dawn Quinn, these stockings were originally designed, made by hand and given only to friends and family at the holidays. People urged Ms. Quinn for years to produce the stockings for broad sale and consumption, but it wasn’t until she experienced personal tragedy—a husband who suffered from aphasia—that she decided to found Once Upon A Stocking and utilize her great gift to bring consciousness of such disabilities to others. Hence the company was founded with charitable causes at its core.

Ms. Quinn has continued the tender care she brought to the original crafting of these stockings as the company has blossomed; in addition to being the founder and president of the company, she is the sole designer. In implementing her beautiful and unique creations, she literally scours the planet in search of the perfect silks, satins, lames, faux animal hides and other fabrics and utilizing only the finest available. In some cases a fabric is not available anywhere, and must be manufactured by the company themselves; the puzzle-piece fabric used for the autism stocking is an example.

Other organizations working with the company are alumni associations—for example, one of Ohio State University alumni clubs has commissioned a special stocking with which they can conduct fund-raising activities. Such activities includes raising money for new student scholarships.

Special stockings are also being created as fund-raising items for university fraternities and sororities, engaged in charity work for causes such as Alzheimer’s disease and ovarian cancer. One is created for the “big sister/little sister” relationship in sororities, complete with a customization package that can include the individual’s name, the graduation year; the initiation date, the school name, and even a dedication.

The stockings are crafted in the company’s 5,000-square-foot facility in Farmers, Kentucky, hence they can be completely customized, and ordered and made in any quantity, from the smallest to the largest.

The company also offers unique items other than stockings, such as fully customized photo throws and photo pillows. They specialize in fundraising activities for local affiliate chapters of their causal partners.

Founded by designer Dawn Quinn, Once Upon a Stocking creates high-end holiday and specialty stockings. The company offers an array of designs and products for causal organizations, groups and individuals to utilize for promotional tools; gifts; or collector’s items. All Once Upon A Stocking products are available for viewing and purchase at the company’s web site: www.onceuponastocking.com.

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